Let me introduce you to… Me


Hi, my name is Stephen. I’ve recently begun Freelancing but before that I worked a desk job before I decided to take the massive leap in working for myself. I decided to do this because working for myself was always something I wanted to do. I’m glad that I did because since I began freelancing I’ve never felt so passionate about my work and couldn’t be more thrilled to be discovering exciting new projects that I can delve my thoughts and skills into.

Although Web Development is enjoyable in and of itself, I wouldn’t have remained long as a freelancer if I didn’t enjoy meeting passionate and enthusiatic individuals. Working together with other Designers and/or Developers to shape projects into reality has been a particular highlight. It’s also exciting to hear the passion in my client as they explain their new project, and seeing them pleased with the project once it goes live is one of the most gratifying feelings I’ve had in Web Development.

I always suspected that I would enjoy freelancing, but I’m surprised that I’ve begun to enjoy it as much as I have. There’s always the worry that when leaving a desk job that you could be sacrificing everything for nothing, and although I have a long way to go yet, I can confidently say that I’m slowly climbing forward.

Of course, It’s important to keep a healthy work/life balance and in my spare time I like to do a little bit of everything. My hobbies range from cooking, watching football, watching an unhealthy amount of TV and an equal amount of gaming. For those who know me well, you’ll know that I used to speak fluent Welsh in school, however years of neglect has left me struggling to speak simple sentences; however I’m happy to say that I’ll soon be commiting to weekly Welsh lessons to pick up my lost language. Hopefully I will be able to start blogging and adding Welsh within the year!

I plan on continuing and updating this blog every month or so, if only to keep a track of myself and where I am in my Freelancing journey. You’re welcome to watch my journey unfold as I release new blog posts, or perhaps you might even join me by working with me to create something exciting. Whatever happens I’ll be here, eagerly awating that next exciting adventure.

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