Break the Mould

Break the Mould is a website that boasts its creativity. In 2017, MeeCreative contracted me to bring a website to life with an animation they had in mind. The ‘scrolling animations’ also needed to contrast well with the creative projects that Break the Mould had done.

Creators of high impact props, sculptures and structures using modern, fast curing Polyurea.

Working internally with both Hypebound and MeeCreative, I managed to finetune the animation and elements to give a ‘3D’ like feel to the site whilst also preventing the animation from being jarring or out of place.

It was important that the animation complimented the website and did not override it so balance was key with this project.

Another part of this project was creating the animated logo you see on initial load of the page. We wanted something eye catching on first load of the website, so we decided to spruce up the logo with animation. Using SVG, I animated the two half circles to ‘break apart’ to symbolise breaking a mould.

It’s always a delight to work on projects like this since it brings out the creativity for all those involved in the project and at the end you’re left with something that stands out and ‘breaks the mould’.

How it Looks