Starting July, Chrome will now mark HTTP Websites as Insecure


Following a plan laid out in September 2016, Google will start marking any websites that are non-HTTPS as insecure.

Three years ago, Google began giving boosts in their google rankings for any websites that use HTTPS over HTTP. This is essentially using the carrot and stick approach to prompt websites to become more secure and make the web in general a safer place.

Google has been showing the carrot to websites for the last three years and it’s worked, over the last two years websites loaded by browsers has gone up by 20% (See here). However there are still a lot of websites out there that are using HTTP and Google are now prepared to start using the stick to force the remaining websites into using HTTPS.

Does this affect you? Well if you’re website hasn’t been upgraded to HTTPS then it’s already affecting you since your website is taking a hit in it’s Google Rankings and in July once Chrome68 is released I fully expect a lot of people to be in a panic as they quickly try and install a certificate on their websites. I recommend that you sort your HTTPS Certificate as soon as possible to get the potential headache of future security flags out of the way.

What’s the best way to do this? My recommendation is to use Let’s Encrypt (Check out my Blog about Let’s Encrypt here) since it’s free, easy to install and has more than 50 million active certicicates. If you’re not quite certain how to proceed with installing a certifcate, ask your web developer and I’m sure he’ll be relieved to hear that your website is finally upgrading with the rest of the web.

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