Technologies I can’t wait to learn more about in 2018

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A new year has come and with the new year comes the new year resolutions to eat healther, go to the gym and all round become a better person for the first two weeks of January before giving up and then tucking into those chocolates you’ve got hidden away in the cupboard. But just as we’ve all got New Years Resolutions to become a better person, I’ve got my New Years Resolution to learn something new in 2018. In 2017, I struggled to make time to learn more about the new technologies that have really captivated my interest. So, with fingers crossed here’s the technologies I aim to look into throughout 2018.


Vue has really boosted in popularity over the last year and is becoming harder and harder to ignore since almost every developer is boasting about the framework. Vue is a framework that essentially makes my job as a front end developer a lot easier since the amount of code that is needed to perform is considerably less when compared to what I would need if coded in plain JavaScript or jQuery. One of the most attractive aspects of learning Vue is the community’s passion for the technology which has brought a plethora amount of both beginner friendly and in-depth tutorials on the technology.

Vue is without a doubt among the top of the list of what I want to learn in 2018.


Laravel is a PHP framework for those looking to make advanced web applications, it is especially great when working with API’s since it’s built with it in mind. To say that I’m a complete beginner in regards to Laravel would be a bit of a lie since I’ve used it on projects in the past, but I have not had the chance to use it as much as I’d like which is a shame since I found it to be a great framework that will help me grow as a developer and open up a lot of options for projects in the future.

Like Vue, Laravel has another great community with a bunch of learning resources, one learning resouce I want to give a shoutout to is Laracasts which has some amazing screencasts for learning Laravel.


Handlebars allows you to build semantic templates with effectively no frustration. It’s common to see this used with Laravel and it’s part of the parcel with Vue, It is essentially a great tool too use if your website is constantly updating. It’s also great to use from a developer standpoint since it seperates logic-based code from the actual view whilst also keeping your code clean and manageable.

This is another technology I’ve used before and the learning challenge will be how I can use this with technologies such as Vue rather than learning this technology from scratch.

Craft CMS

It’s always important to not get too comfortable or too reliant on one technology. Although I’m more than happy with WordPress for my CMS (Custom Management System) needs at the moment, I think it’s important to see how the alternatives perform. Who knows, if it outperforms my expectations it might become my new CMS solution in the future.


Yarn is quickly becoming the recommended package manager for websites and apps. It boasts an impressive speed advantage over NPM whilst also making packages easier than ever to install. This technology won’t require much learning since it’s fairly straightforward to use but nonetheless I’m excited to use it in future projects to see how it performs.

That’s all for now! This list wasn’t necessarily the ‘big and new exciting technologies in 2018’ but more of a personal list of things I wanted to learn more about. Who knows maybe one of the technologies has or already have caught your eye and you’ve made something great! If so please let me know, I’d love to see your project.

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